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Our Story

Years of Sweetness

              What does a person do when clients repeatedly ask, “When are you putting this on the market?  We want to give it to OUR clients!”. What does a person do when family and friends request and EXPECT chocolate for get-togethers and gifts?  What does one do after hearing numerous versions of stories told of friends either having “arguments” with their spouse because one or the other ate THE LAST PIECE of chocolate or hid “their stash” from the rest of the family because they don’t want to share?   First, I reasoned myself out with excuses of being too busy with my tax career etc. THEN, got curious about how I could maybe pull this off.  What does a person do?  This person, crazy or not, figured it out with a LOT of help and from my family and graphic designer, Mureed Khairullah.

       Carter Sweets, LLC was soft-launched officially after Thanksgiving 2020 with a beautiful response from clients and friends alike with hundreds of boxes of chocolate shipped across the country between Thanksgiving and New Year.

The Product:

               My former neighbor introduced a version of the chocolate years ago who had gotten the recipe from a friend of a friend who in turn had no idea where she got the recipe.  No one could figure out the recipe’s origin.  It was kind of too sweet. So, I changed it. After 50+ iterations and experimenting with ingredients and processes, we got to this final product.  Just sweet enough with right blend of chocolates and salty crunchiness was the result.


The logo:  

            I wanted something simple that would make people young and old, smile…just like our chocolate does.  Mureed created logo after logo until we both knew we found the one.  Isn’t our “little guy” cute?


The Name: 

               There is a group text message on my phone with years of banter searching for the right name.  Nothing felt right.  It was as if we could not find a name on purpose…until Carter, my- ever the sweetest- grand-daughter was born, thus so was the company name.  Carter Sweets, LLC.


It is our desire that you enjoy our chocolate candy as much as we get a kick out of sharing it and hearing your ridiculously humorous stories of “to share or not” with us. 


Indulge responsibly and c’mon y’all, share with your family. 😉


Blessings.  Jeanne  

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